Have you just upgraded from the beta version of Airmail to the App Store version? Or perhaps you're like me and find some of the beta releases to be far too buggy and you'd like to have a fallback version. -Unfortunately for us, bloop went ahead and decided not to add a quick and easy "import settings from beta" feature. Fortunately for you though, I went ahead and figured out a quick and painless way to import all your addresses! Bloop recently reached out to me letting me know that they have an app called Airmail AMT which can be used to transfer accounts from the beta to the Mac App Store version. You can find the tool here. If this tool doesn't work for you however, continue reading the guide to manually transfer accounts.

Read before proceeding

I've used this method to import settings with no problems. I already had one account setup in the Airmail App Store version prior to importing. If the settings folder in step 3 doesn't already exist, try adding a single account into the App Store Version.

Let's get down to business!

  1. Make sure that neither version of Airmail is running.
  2. Open a new finder window and press Command+Shift+G and then enter ~/Library/Containers/

  3. Inside this directory, you should see two folders starting with it.bloop.airmail. You're going to need to open up the it.bloop.airmail.beta7/Data/Library/Application Support/ folder and copy the Airmail folder located here.

  4. Now navigate back to the ~/Library/Containers/ folder and open up the it.bloop.airmail/Data/Library/Application Support/ folder. Rename the Airmail folder to Airmail.bak and paste the copied Airmail folder in here. Depending on how much you used the beta, this could be a large folder and may take a while.

At this point, you should be able to launch the App Store version of Airmail and enjoy your freshly imported accounts! Everything should be intact, including saved signatures!

Closing words...

Hopefully you were able to run through this guide quick and painlessly, but if you do have problems, don't be shy! Comment down below and I will assist you as best as possible. If you have problems related to the app itself though, I'd recommend contacting the developers of Airmail directly, from the feedback section on their site.