Hello one and all! It's my honor to present to you guys a beta version of my staircase generator! The idea of it is simply to generate a variety of staircases for use in renders, animations, games, etc. As it's only the beta there's a lot of work to be done on it. After long hours of programming on a few different projects of mine I start running out of ideas for my projects. So I've decided to release a early version to get some feedback and some suggestions! So please please please! Download StairGen, give it a test run, and let me know how it goes!

Current Features:

  • Generate infinite staircases
  • Change the Height, Depth, and Width of each step
  • Change the Height of the railing
  • Change the Width of the banisters
Known Bugs:
  • Railing Width/Height currently does nothing
  • Railing/Banisters are simple cylinders (not really a bug, but they will be hand modeled in the real release. These are simply placeholders)
Future Features:
  • Solid staircase (so the steps aren't floating)
  • Ledge, Interior, and Handrail's will be available to choose for the railing style.
  • You will be able to combo ledge with either interior and handrails for more customization.
  • "Custom" option for railings along with banisters. Simply drag a curve outline of the railing and banisters into the field and watch StairGen create the railing out of it!
  • Curved/Spiral staircases
  • TextureGen. Let you're imagination run wild.
  • Photorealistic features in the steps; such as lips, seams, indents, etc.
  • Suggest more features!
So as you can see you're not going to be able to get great results for renders out of the beta version, but test out the functionality nonetheless and let me know in the comments below how it works! So now I'll give you the download link along with a brief tutorial below.

To run the generator simply unzip the file below and open the c4d file in Cinema4D. To play with the generator select the "Stair Generator" object and tweak the values of the "User Data" tab like in the image below.

That's about it! Have fun playing around with it! Don't forget to post and comments/crits/suggestions below :)

Download StairGen.zip